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Welcome to the TIBCO® Data Virtualization Knowledgebase

As of November 1, 2017, the Cisco Data Virtualization business is now part of TIBCO.  Learn more about the acquisition and TIBCO Data Virtualization

The TIBCO® Data Virtualization Knowledgebase is your one-stop, self-service shop for TIBCO Data Virtualization Products and Services information.

The Knowledgebase contains a range of useful content including Business and Technical White Papers, Tutorials, Tech Tips, Product Documentation as well as links to myriad additional resources.

The Knowledgebase is designed to support multiple roles including:

  • Evaluators who need to assess TIBCO Data Virtualization business and technical capabilities
  • Installers who must deploy TIBCO Data Virtualization (previously Cisco Information Server) instances
  • New Developers who need to gain a basic understanding of the TIBCO Data Virtualization (previously Cisco Information Server) development process
  • Experienced Developers who need to master TIBCO Data Virtualization's more advanced functionality
  • Business Analysts who want to find and use TIBCO Data Virtualization data sets with their favorite data visualization tools
  • Analytics/BI Developers who want to find and use TIBCO Data Virtualization data sets and integrate them in their solutions
  • System Administrators who must manage and monitor their TIBCO Data Virtualization environments
  • Executives who need to accelerate revenue, reduce costs, lessen risk, improve compliance and more using TIBCO Data Virtualization products and services.

The Knowledgebase's Learning Map organizes content by role to accelerate both initial learning and on-going use.

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