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Introduction to Data Virtualization Videos

These videos provide quick introductions to data virtualization concepts and value propositions.

   Our 2-Minute Explainer provides a high-level overview of data virtualization.

   Our 10-Minute Overview provides a deeper dive.

   This Business Value video highlights the business benefits of data virtualization.


Blogs Resources

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We are proud of our role as Thought Leaders.  Read our blogs to keep abreast of the latest thinking in Data Virtualization.  Even better, add your comments so we know what your are thinking.  We can't wait to hear from you!


Bob Eve


Bob Eve is our Director of Product Management.  His blog is here.








Kevin Ott


Kevin Ott is our General Manager.  His blog is here.










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A broad array of additional TIBCO® Data Virtualization products and services content is available.  Click on the links below to access this content.

TIBCO® Data Virtualization

Case Studies  Business Resources

Data Sheets


Solution Overviews

White Papers




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