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Cisco offers a range of IT certification, training, and testing programs designed to meet the needs of IT professionals, partners, employees, and students including three courses to help you develop your Cisco Information Server expertise.  These include:


Cisco Information Server Basic (ANCISB) Training Course: This training course addresses engineers and administrators who are familiar with data integration, but do not have experience with Cisco Data Virtualization technology. This course includes hands-on accelerated training on installing and developing with Cisco Information Server Application Data Services. It provides technical guidance to engineers who will be performing complex integration activities.

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Cisco Information Server Administration (ANCISM) Training Course : This training course is recommended for administrators who need to understand how Cisco Information Server fits into their environment and the types of administration tasks typically required by the product.

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Cisco Information Server Advanced (ANCISV) Training Course: This training course is for candidates who are familiar with Cisco Data Virtualization "basics" and want to focus on advanced Cisco Information Server features.

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